What We Do

What is Shopmobility?

Shopmobility Highland SCIO is a charity providing powered scooters and wheelchairs to anyone with mobility problems, with an annual registration fee of £10, thereafter it is donations only. This helps to give people who have limited mobility, long or short term, or visual/hearing impairments access to shops and use of other facilities in their town centre. Shopmobility also provides a mini bus service in Inverness, Dingwall and surrounding areas.

Where does the scheme operate?

Shopmobility is operating in Inverness and Dingwall. Shopmobility also, through the uses of the Mobile Unit offers its services at various Shows and events throughout the Highlands.

How is Shopmobility funded?

Shopmobility Highland is a registered charity. We receive part funding from NHS Highland with the remainder of the funding coming from donations and fundraising.

How is the scheme managed?

Shopmobility is run by an elected Management Committee who employ two members of staff.
What role do volunteers play in Shopmobility? Volunteers are involved in every aspect of Shopmobility’s functions including escorting/pushing users, providing office/administrative support, driving the minibus, basic maintenance of equipment, fundraising activities and organising social events. Some volunteers also become involved in the Management Committee.

What does Shopmobility offer our volunteers?

We aim to give adequate information, training and assistance for the volunteer to be able to meet the responsibilities of the job. We guarantee to respect the skills, dignity and individual needs of the volunteer and to do the best to adjust to these individual requirements. Reimbursement is given for any out of pocket expenses incurred by the volunteer while carrying out duties for Shopmobility. Cover for Public Liability and Personal Indemnity through our insurance policy.We offer the volunteer a safe and friendly environment.

What does Shopmobility look for in a Volunteer?

Commitment, friendliness, politeness, a sense of humour, positive attitude to users, carers and other volunteers and at all times acting as ambassadors for Shopmobility.

Are you looking for a challenging, rewarding volunteer position?

YES! then please visit our volunteers enrolment section.